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The Perfumery is always happy to hear from you!!

Here is how to reach us:

The Perfumery Main Office: 502-498-8804 Bob Leach, Office Manager

Warehouse/Order Inquiry: (Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm EST) For issues relating to EXISTING ORDERS, please do not call to make changes to your order because we will still require that you submit your changes by email because we have to have written proof and change requests. Just simply reply to the auto-generated email that you received with your order confirmation and tell us about the changes you want to make. This will be the fastest and most efficient way to get the info to us. We check email often and you will get a response back very quickly to confirm we have received your change request. If we don’t respond within 15 minutes then feel free to follow up with a phone call but please don’t call before sending the request by email.

We can also talk for free and/or video chat if you are a Skype user:

You can use the form below and it will be immediately routed to the appropriate email address. Due to an excessive spam problem, we are no longer publishing email addresses on the website, but once you use the form we will get back to you promptly by email. Please note that your inquiries will be divided up as follows: