Allspice Oil, Jamaica

Due to the high eugenol content, Allspice oil is one of the unique oils with a density greater than water.

Aromatic Profile: sweet, spicy, clove, warm
Color: Yellow-Orange to Brown
Latin: Pimenta dioica
Country of Origin: JM – Jamaica
CAS: 8006-77-7
Part of Plant: Leaves, Twigs
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Allspice oil, also known as Pimento Berry, has a fresh, clean top note with long-lasting, sweet, spicy, clove-like, and warm body notes. The Allspice name comes from the aromatic similarities to other sweet spices like black pepper, clove, and cinnamon. In perfumery, Allspice oil is typically used as a modifier in men’s fragrances, particularly in spicy or floral blends, and is a wonderful addition to perfumes and soaps.

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