Attar of Oud, (Agarwood) Cambodia

Agarwood oil is produced when the Aquilaria tree wood is infected by a specific kind of mold, a process that is very rare and long-lasting.

Aromatic Profile: woody, animalic, leather, rich, sweet, smoky
Color: Yellow to Dark Orange
Latin: Aquila crassna
Country of Origin: KH – Cambodia
CAS: 33766914
Part of Plant: Wood
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Sesquiterpene
Kosher: Yes
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Attar of Oud has woody, animalic, leather, and rich notes that are perfect to use in blends, perfumes, and custom products. Attar of Oud is uniquely distilled in Sandalwood, and offers a lower priced alternative to pure Agarwood oil.

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