Beeswax Absolute, France

Beeswax is naturally produced in beehives by worker bees’ wax glands, allowing for the construction of honeycombs.

Aromatic Profile: sweet, herbal, hay, tobacco, fresh, heavy, honey, waxy, amber, vanillic, animalic
Color: golden yellow to amber
Latin: Apis mellifera
Country of Origin: FR – France
CAS: 8012-89-3
Part of Plant: Wax
Method: Solvent Extraction
Class: Multiple
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Beeswax Absolute has a sweet, herbal, honey-like aroma making it an interesting enhancer for Vanilla, Tobacco, and high-end floral absolutes. This wax-like solid is ethanol soluble and is believed to be very useful in natural perfumery and the cosmetic industry.

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