Boswellia carterii Wet Resin Powder

This proprietary process, invented by Dr. Robert Pappas, leaves the larger, non-volatile components in higher concentrations, including Boswellic acid at approximately 10%.

Aromatic Profile: woody, fresh, clean, fruity
Color: Light Brown to Brown
Latin: Boswellia carterii
Country of Origin: SO – Somalia
Part of Plant: Resin
Method: Proprietary
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Bosewellia carterii resin, or Boswellic acid powder in its “pre-dried” state, is a special product that contains essential oil remnants leaving a woody, fresh, clean, and fruity aroma. This pleasantly aromatic resin is often used in incense and perfumes. Boswellic acids are believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic properties.

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