Erigeron (Fleabane) Oil

Common names for Erigeron oil include Fleabane, Fleawort, Prideweed, Flea Bane, Horseweed, and Mare’s Tail to name a few.

Aromatic Profile: woody, earthy, smoky
Color: Pale Yellow to Yellow
Latin: Erigeron canadensis
Country of Origin: US – United States
CAS: 8000-27-0
Part of Plant: Aerial Parts
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Erigeron oil presents a woody, earthy, and smokey aroma with sweet and herbal notes. It is said to resemble Moroccan Chamomile with a Verbena freshness. Erigeron oil is often used in perfumes because of its complexity and amazing tenacity, and it blends well with Cardamom, Cilantro, Coriander, and Citrus oils by adding enigmatic nuances.

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