Foraha Oil, Madagascar

Historically, Foraha oil has been thought to aid in the healing of many skin problems, bites, cuts, and rashes.

Aromatic Profile: full, robust, nutty
Color: Yellow to Brown
Latin: Calophyllum inophyllum
Country of Origin: MG – Madagascar
CAS: 223748-12-7
Part of Plant: Fruit
Method: Expressed
Class: Fatty acid triglyceride
Kosher: Yes
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Foraha oil, also called Tamanu oil, has a full, robust, and nutty aroma profile. Many soapers use Foraha to add moisturizing characteristics to their products. Unfiltered Foraha is often thicker material and contains more natural vegetable particles. Unrefined Foraha oil is an excellent carrier oil for both skin and anti-inflammatory blends.

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