Palo Santo Oil, Fruit, Ecuador

For thousands of years, the Palo Santo trees in Ecuador have been considered sacred, believed to have healing properties and the potential to ward off negative energy.

Aromatic Profile: clean, citrus, sweet, woody, rich, deep
Color: Colorless to Pale Yellow
Latin: Bursera graveolens
Country of Origin: EC – Ecuador
CAS: 959130-05-3
Part of Plant: Fruit
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Monoterpene
DG / UN: UN1169
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One of the rarest oils currently available, Palo Santo Fruit oil offers a clean, citrus, sweet, woody aroma. Steam distillation of the fruit gives a unique aroma profile while maintaining the nuance of the Palo Santo tree’s wood oil. This truly wonderful and relaxing aroma is great for perfumes, aromatherapy, massage blends, and personal care products.

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