Red Mandarin Oil, Italy

The type of oil produced depends on the ripeness of the fruit. Red mandarin is pressed when the fruit is completely ripe and mature.

Aromatic Profile: citrus, sweet, zesty
Color: Yellow to Orange
Latin: Citrus deliciosa
Country of Origin: IT – Italy
CAS: 8028-48-6
Part of Plant: Peels
Method: Cold Pressed
Class: Monoterpene
DG / UN: UN1169
Kosher: Yes
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Red Mandarin oil has a very sweet and faintly floral aroma, much like orange blossoms. In perfumery, Red Mandarin oil provides a sweet, fresh, and fruity note to any blend, and it blends very well with Myrrh. This citrus oil has cleansing and purifying properties due to the chemical constituent limonene, making it a great choice for lotions and other skincare products.

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