Yellow Mandarin Oil, Italy

The type of oil produced depends on the ripeness of the fruit. Yellow mandarin is pressed when the fruit is in the middle of the ripening stages.

Aromatic Profile: citrus, sweet, zesty
Color: Yellow to Orange
Latin: Citrus deliciosa
Country of Origin: IT – Italy
CAS: 8008-31-9
Part of Plant: Peels
Method: Cold Pressed
Class: Monoterpene
DG / UN: UN1169
Kosher: Yes
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Yellow Mandarin oil has a fruity, sweet, and floral aroma that adds a unique combination of zesty and floral-citrus high notes to any blend. This oil blends particularly well with Neroli, Bergamot, and Sandalwoods, making Yellow Mandarin oil a top pick for our natural perfumers. This citrus oil is known for its energizing, uplifting, and cleansing properties.

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