AlpGal3 Galangal Root Oil, Indonesia

Essential Oils
Image of Galangal Root Oil, Indonesia
Botanical Name
Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd., fam. Zingiberaceae
Phenylpropenyl ester
Country of Origin
Method of Extraction
Steam distillation
Part of Plant
UN Number
Galangal Root oil is fresh, spicy, woody, ginger-like oil, steam distilled from the plant's rhizome. In fact, Galangal Root is closely related to true ginger and cardamom so it's not surprising that Galangal Root blends well with these oils and shares similar notes. There is also a cineole note due to the natural content of up to 30 percent of the chemical. The primary constituent, however, is methyl cinnamate at close to 50 percent. Ancient Southeast Asian herbalists once combined Galangal Root juice with lime and other herbs to make a tonic beverage for general wellness support. The essential oil is pungent and often useful in massage products.
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