The Perfumery’s Global Promise

Supporting businesses from farm to shelf in over 40 countries.




We’re Here to Simplify Complexity

The essential oils and extracts industry is one of advanced chemistry and logistics. From farms growing the best plants to the distilleries that draw out the purest oils and concentrates, there is a lot to handle.

Not only does The Perfumery strive to make interfacing with this industry easy, but it is also our primary goal to do so ethically and sustainably.

We get to support family-owned farms, local and international distilleries, and some of the largest essential oil companies. We have relationships at every stage of the industry across more than 40 countries.

And we do all of this so that you can have the confidence that you are always getting the very best product.


We build our business from the soil to the shelf and that starts with family-owned farms from around the world. By investing in them, we invest in the reliability of our product and the confidence of our turnarounds.


We ensure the purity of our product by keeping in regular contact with our distillers. By working with them to test and create our innovative blends, we’ve established an enormous catalog of oils, extracts, and tinctures to suit your needs.

Clients & Partners

The Perfumery is backed by science and perfected by art. At the end of the day, we operate by maintaining a high level of trust in our relationships with providers like you—whether you need to stock soaps, candles, or essential oils and extracts.