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Looking for alpha humulene in essential oils?

While the therapeutic benefits of alpha humulene are being discussed how did the industry notice Ocotea over Hop oil? Does that seem strange to anyone else?
Typically Hop essential oil has this constituent in the 20 to 40% range. The range in Ocotea is much lower.
Even the EO of Brazilian Cordia species that may have been the ground breaker for this research typically has alpha humulene content of 14% more or less.
In fact, in a typical analysis of Ocotea Quixos of the 40 to 60 components identified alpha humulene is often not listed in the top five major peaks. Instead, beta caryophyllene, cinnamyl acetate, sabinene, geranial, trans-cinnamaldehyde, methyl cinnamate, 1,8 cineole, benzaldehyde, and beta selinene were mentioned more frequently than alpha humulene. Published reports from Flavor and Fragrance Journal Volume 21, issue 4, pages 674-676 July/August 2006 and Food Chemistry Journal reports from May 2004 confirm.