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New Arrival: Magnolia Flower Oil

Category: Essential Oils
Species: Magnolia x alba
Part: Flower
Method: Steam Distillation
Country: China
Code: MagAlF2

Your really have to smell this to believe it!
This is NOT from the north american southern magnolia, which does not come close in comparison for fragrance.

Magnolia × alba, also known as the White Champaca, White Sandalwood, or White Jade Orchid Tree, is a flowering plant of hybrid origin not found in the wild. It is a hybrid of Magnolia champaca and Magnolia montana.

Magnolia × alba is widely cultivated as an ornamental in Asia, particularly tropical and subtropical regions of China and Southeast Asia for the strongly fragrant flowers. This essential oil is extracted from the flowers. In China, where it is known as bai lan (白蘭), the flowers are used to prepare yulan tea. In traditional Chinese medicine, the flowers are used to move qi and relieve cough.

White Champaca April 2009