Agarwood Oud Oil from Aquilaria malaccensis (Cambodia) Seyufi

Agarwood oil is produced when the Aquilaria tree wood is infected by a specific kind of mold, a process that is very rare and long-lasting.

Aromatic Profile: bitter-sweet woody, animalic, leathery, smokey
Color: Dark Red to Dard Brown
Latin: Aquilaria malaccensis
Country of Origin: KH – Cambodia
CAS: 8008-79-6
Part of Plant: Wood
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Multiple
Kosher: Yes
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This particular Agarwood Oud oil is very rare with a bitter-sweet and woody aroma, animalic notes, and a leather character. Agarwood Oud is often considered lavish and used in high-end perfumery, colognes, and relaxing blends.

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