Amyris Oil, Haiti

Amyris oil is also known as West Indian Sandalwood or Indies Sandalwood.

Aromatic Profile: woody, herbaceous, dry, calming
Color: Pale Yellow to Yellow
Latin: Amyris balsamifera
Country of Origin: HT – Haiti
CAS: 8015-65-4
Part of Plant: Leaves, Wood
Method: Steam Distillation
Class: Wood
Kosher: Yes
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Amyris oil has a woody, herbaceous, dry aroma that is often used by perfumers as a fixative to extend the fragrant life of a blend. In the past, Amyris was used in the fragrance industry to mimic Vetiver essential oil, and today both aromatherapists and perfumers may substitute Amyris oil for endangered or scarce species of Sandalwood. Amyris oil has traditionally been believed to have beneficial properties for the skin, as well as have calming properties.

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