Certified Organic Sweet Orange Oil

Historically, Europeans valued Citrus fruits for their medicinal benefits, and the wealthy cultivated their own orange trees in private “orangeries.”

Aromatic Profile: citrus, fruit, sweet
Color: Yellow to Orange
Latin: Citrus sinensis
Country of Origin: US – United States
CAS: 8008-57-9
Part of Plant: Peels
Method: Expressed
Class: Monoterpene
DG / UN: UN1169
Kosher: Yes
Certified Organic: Yes
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The wonderfully sweet, citrus, and characteristic aroma of Certified Organic Sweet Orange oil is a staple in the world of aromatherapy. This particular oil has a higher aldehyde content of citral, an aromatic compound often used in perfumery for its citrus effect. Sweet Orange oil has stimulating and purifying qualities, making it ideal for natural cleaning agents, skincare products, and energizing blends that uplift the mind and body while purifying the air.

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