Fir Needle Falls CF Base


Kosher: No
Certified Organic: No
Food Grade: No
Dangerous Good: No
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Experience the enchanting scent of Fir Needle Falls, a captivating home fragrance that transports you to a serene forest oasis. The top notes of zesty lemon, aromatic Douglas Fir, refreshing eucalyptus, and invigorating aldehydes instantly uplift your spirits, infusing your space with a revitalizing burst of energy. As the fragrance unfolds, the middle notes of soothing tea tree, delicate iris, lush ivy, subtle salt, and ethereal white flowers create a harmonious blend that brings the essence of nature indoors. Finally, the base note of transparent woods adds a touch of warmth and depth, grounding the fragrance and creating a sense of tranquility. Transform your home into a peaceful haven with the captivating aroma of Fir Needle Falls, and let the serenity of the forest envelop your senses.

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